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douche bag fuck says what?

2008-08-03 22:43:14 by athf4life

douche fuck said:

"yes these clows r flooding a good site wif crap, and now ur one of them. i don't need any vocab advice from a clown who can't tel the dif between a blog and a place for animator to get animation advice and critique :p lol and yeah my cartoons r boring as fuck, but i find it funny that u went tru all the trouble to watch them and to try come up wif a comback to the critique which i gave you on ur animation. the reason this site is full of crap is cuz of all the lil kids clogging it , and now ur joining em which is just adding to the mess. and the bad thing is i agree wif what u said in ur flash, but u didn't prove nething, at all, all u did was waste ur time n bout 50 lil kids who dnt know the difference between a blog and the portal either. so in the end i dnt bother typing properly, but in the end who has more trates of a little girl?. good luck wif ur next ANIMATION.
ps. this is the place u wanna be"

im hurt,

douche bag fuck says what?


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2008-08-04 01:08:02